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Oils and Acrylics

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Spiritually insightful works, writing for God.


Film & Cinema

Otherworldly Cinematic films, Beyond Yonder

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Hello world, my name is James Martinez. Ever since God touched me I’ve became an artist. Filled with His Holy Spirit, together we’re creating some pretty incredible things. I know how challenging faith can be, especially with all the confusion over religion.

God’s allowed for my life to be a living testament to The Holy Trinity. I get to tell everyone about our transcendent journey’s, how together we broke Abu Simbel Temple. Its the same way we co-create, in unity. Our works are inspired from the many places we’ve visited.

We’re working to inspire the world, to lift it up to a greater spiritual place. A place of understanding. Thanks for visiting, we do hope you’re inspired to an even greater life. 

Inspiration can hit at a moments notice, when I’m moved to create I know without a doubt it’ll be wonderful. We’ve adopted the mantra of “Creating Wonderful”, making life a beautiful place, “Painting the sky, writing the words – smiling in love.” Its what we do @ Aswan Creations.

Art flows with creativity and creativity from our inspiration. Our vision makes the entire world a better place. Our gifted inspiration – God. (The Holy Trinity)


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Aswan Creations LLC

A few facts about our company

God gifted Aswan Creations into existence, Our works are a direct result of His blessing. We create as one


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