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Oils, Acrylics and NFT’s

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Spiritually Insightful Works, Writing for God.


Film & Cinema

Otherworldly Cinematic Content, Aswan Films

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Hello world, my name is James Martinez. Ever since God touched me I’ve become an artist. Filled with His Holy Spirit, together we create pretty incredible things. I know how challenging faith can be, especially with all the confusion over religion and lack of understanding. Our message speaks for itself though, if ever you wanted proof, we have it.

God’s allowed for my life to be a living testament to The Holy Trinity. I get to tell everyone of our transcendent journey’s, how together we broke Abu Simbel Temple in ancient Egypt. Its the same way we co-create life now, in unity. Our works are inspired from the many places we’ve visited along The Way.

We’re working to inspire and lift up the world to a greater spiritual place. A place of understanding and place of faith and hope. Thanks for visiting, we do hope you’re inspired to an even greater life and that if you’re connecting with our message that you’ll want to be part of it. 

Inspiration can hit at a moments notice, when I’m moved to create I know without a doubt it’ll be wonderful. We’ve adopted the mantra of “Creating Wonderful”, making life a beautiful place, “Painting the sky, writing the words – smiling in love.” Its what we do @ Aswan Creations.

Art flows with creativity and creativity from our inspiration. Our vision makes the entire world a better place. Our gifted inspiration – God. (The Holy Trinity)


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Aswan Creations LLC

A few facts about our company

God gifted Aswan Creations into existence, Our works are a direct result of His blessing. Now we create as one!


Interested in our works?

Hello and thanks for visiting. We’re pleased to announce the release of our new NFT Website. If you’re interested in non-fungible tokens representing some of God’s greatest works you’ll soon have the opportunity to pick some up. I’m sure by now you understand the enormity of our message and what this means for Christianity and all believers in God everywhere.

Father God told me before we began that they would speak of things we do for a long, long time, generations and generations and generations. He shared so much with me. He’s allowed my life to be a living testament to His amazing power and grace, I hope you are inspired. I also pray you get blessed by getting some of our art at such a low price and that as our message is fully realized, God blesses you financially, even more so.

“IAM Transcendent” collection now available on OpeanSea Stay tuned as we release new video content + literature to help better explain our works. Thanks again for your support, for having faith and belief in our Lord and our Lord’s Lord. And, especially for investing in historical works that’s are sure to increase in value throughout the ages.

If ever you’ve wanted a sign from God, this is it! This is His-Story . . .

God bless you
James Martinez