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Oil and Acrylic on Canvas



Spiritually insightful works, writing for God.

Film & Cinema

Film & Cinema

Otherworldly Cinematic filmworks

Great Vision

Inspiration can hit at a moments notice, when I’m moved to create anything I know without a doubt it will be something wonderful. We’ve adopted the motto “Creating Wonderful”, making the world a beautiful place, painting the sky, writing the words, smiling in love. Its what we do! Art flows with creativity and creativity comes from inspiration. Our vision: make the world a better place. Our inspiration – God. (The Holy Trinity)

Great Experiences

I awoke spiritually, then soon after reaching enlightenment I pulled the pieces of the puzzle of life apart. Traversing multiple realms and differing dimensions, I uncovered otherworldly persons from beyond. I met every form of hierarchical angel and literally found God Our Father up in heaven. We transcended space and time for eons, doing something that had never been done – changing recorded human history. (all this by the age of 40).  This book details how it all changed.


an author, a writer, a poet. God touched me and instantly I became an artist. Filled with The Holy Spirit, I get to tell the world how we broke The Temple @ Abu Simbel, how we co-create life together in unity. Our works are inspired from otherworldly places beyond, places I’ve been blessed with visiting. As a “Transcendent Artist”, I’m working to inspire the world, and to lift it. To bless everyone, to enjoy every moment of this great gift. Hope you’re moved to help make the world a better place. God bless you

I AM James Martinez - 2018

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God gifted Aswan Creations into existence, Our works are a direct result of His blessing. We create as one


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