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We are the creative company who’s overcome great obstacles, the business where history was made, the epitome of faith in action. We are a gift from God, we are Aswan Creations LLC. . . doing the sort of things many think are impossible.

Writing with/for God, Screenplays, Manuscripts. Championing one of God's greatest works. (His-Story)


Writing with/for God, Screenplays, Manuscripts. Championing one of God’s greatest works. (His-Story)


The art, application and the process of capturing a memory. Photography is truly a love affair with all life.
Digital NFTs, Original Oils + Acrylics on Canvas/Giclee. We create custom art! (new works avail soon)

Original Artwork

Digital NFTs, Original Oils + Acrylics on Canvas/Giclee. We create custom art! (new works avail soon)
The motion picture part of our company, we've got quite the story. We are literally (re)making His-Story!

Aswan Films

The motion picture part of our company, we’ve got quite the story. We are literally (re)making His-Story!

James Martinez

Friend of God’s, Transcendent Artist

Born and raised in Austin Texas, James grew up pushing the limits for life. In search of understanding how it all works, he went further than anyone’s ever gone. Thru years of dedication he uncovered the great mystery as he pulled the pieces of the puzzle of life apart. God called him “The Scientist” for it. (See – Coldplay)

After enlightenment, he literally reached heaven where God befriended him. God blessed James. Aswan Creations is one of God’s gift, its where together they co-create “As One”. The works that now come thru are reflective of the many places and lessons God’s shared. We hope it inspires you.

Aswan Creations - James Martinez
first two books


“Once Upon a Transcendent Realm” & “Eternus Spirare”

In the process of bringing this story to life, James was oppressed. Persecuted for the sake of righteousness, he faced great odds in order to fulfill his vow. He’s written 4 books thus far, published 2 of them. Father God told him “Anything worth doing is never easy.” When factoring in the ways of the world and the spiritual war between the opposition of humanity, revealing this story is a testament to the power and ability of God. (The Holy Trinity)

More books are on “The Way”  –  (God willing) We invite you to read them.

James Martinez Author, Writer, Poet

Original Art

Oils and Acrylics on Canvas, Plus Digital NFT’s, and Giclée prints

Inspired by God, we create. (visit our portfolio)


Aswan Films

Manuscripts, Screenplays, Feature Films, A Transcendent Documentary

  • New Screenplays & Manuscripts Coming 
  • New Documentary Release Coming 
  • Feature Films – Coming Soon
a transcendent realm

Book One

Once Upon a Transcendent Realm – James Martinez

10 years of spiritual research culminating with world history changing. (Non-fiction) A journey into spiritual enlightenment, a book written with God revealing one of His greatest works. #Spirituality #Transcendence #WalkingWithGod #Christianity

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Eternus Spirare - James Martinez

Book Two

Eternus Spirare – James Martinez

Written from the perspective of having seen the world thru God’s eyes. This book reveals the type of perspective needed to get into His presence and stay there. There’s an entire chapter on supplication and prayers. A follow up to “A Transcendent Realm”.

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Our Spiritual Gardens - James Martinez

Book Three

Our Spiritual Gardens – James Martinez

A book written for and with God to help us better understand there’s more to life afterlife, that how we live here and now determines where that shall be. We’re all heading someplace afterlife, heaven and hell are real.

Coming Soon


Book Four

Explaining The Mystery – James Martinez

New works on The Way, answering age old questions on life’s meaning, what we’re doing here, things to stay mindful of as well as where we’re going to afterlife.  Writing from a place of absolution, having been given incredible insight, according to God, these works come from having witnessed life with Him for eon’s.

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How We Work


The Team


The Holy Trinity + James Martinez, Aswan Creations LLC. 



Father God creates existence, Jesus Christ then brings it to life. The Holy Spirit within gives me the ability to do all things. As we begin I speak with Father God, together we talk with Jesus. He then delivers.

Filled with The Holy Spirit the circle is complete – we create Aswan . . .


The Results


We don’t fail. When God begins anything He see’s it through from start to finish.