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Aswan Creation LLC

James Martinez Original Artwork

Interested in NFT Artwork?

Hello and thanks for visiting. We’re pleased to announce the release of our new Aswan NFT Website in the upcoming days. If you’re interested in NFT art representing some of God’s greatest works you’ll soon have an opportunity. I’m sure by now you understand the enormity of our message and what this means not only for Christianity but for all believers in God.

If ever you’ve wanted a sign this is it.

Father God told me before we began that they would speak of things we do for generations and generations and generations. He shared so much, He’s allowed for my life to be a living testament to His amazing power and grace, hope you are inspired. I also pray you get blessed by picking up some of our artworks at such a low price and that as our message is realized God blesses you financially, even more so.

I’ll list several OpeanSea Collection links here along with some new video content + literature to help explain each work. Thank you so much for your support, for having faith and belief in our Lord and our Lord’s Lord. And, for wanting to invest in some historic art that’s sure to increase in value.

God bless you
James Martinez